Created by a curvy babe, for curvy babes ♥

Hey, Babe!

My name is Jolene, and I'm the founder and creator of Booti Babe Bodycare. My products are for all women, but I created them with curvy babes like myself in mind. As a thicker woman, I know first-hand that we face certain challenges presented by our beautiful curves, and even though they are a blessing... sometimes they can feel like a curse (like when your no-gap thighs are on hell-fire just because you wanted to wear those super cute short-shorts in the summer heat)!

Story of my life: Endless booty and boob sweat (even in winter). Painful AF chafing of my thick thighs. pH imbalance + irritation of sensitive areas from trapped body sweat. Body acne in my crevices; boob acne from tight bras and booty acne from tight jeans. Stretch marks, everywhere (and although I am not ashamed of them, I still wanted a way to prevent more from happening)! Shoulder tension and pain from carrying around large breasts...You get the picture. I had all of these woman-with-curves issues, and when I went to search for healthy solutions, I was left wondering why there weren't more plant-based, non-toxic, and high-quality solutions in the female beauty market to address them - it felt unfair and made me feel ignored, and I knew other thick women had to feel the same way. I started thinking of how to fix this gap that I had found in the beauty community, and Unapologetic Self Care was born. 

Booti Babe Bodycare stands for being unapologetic about our bodies, its natural female functions, our curves, and our size - while living our best (thick) babe lives with comfort and confidence. #dontbesorrybeconfident